Restoration Rental Kit Program

Preservation On-The-Go

In 2020, we compiled window restoration tool kits for lending in towns across Montana. The kits include all the tools necessary to completely restore historic wood windows, and they are available for check-out or both home and building owners.

Homeowners, property managers, and enthusiasts now have the ability to save history on their own time while learning valuable new skills. As Montanans realize that restoration is a powerful and fun option for people of all skill levels, historic places will gain new supporters and have a better chance of maintaining the incredible character that has made them uniquely identifiable for decades.


Wood windows are often the first feature to be replaced in historic buildings, significantly altering the character and leading to unnecessary waste. With proper repairs and maintenance, wood windows can perform just as well as modern ones, while saving resources and the historic fabric of a building.

To purchase the tools and supplies provided by each kit, an individual would need to spend approximately $1,400. This becomes a major barrier for private restoration projects. Because all six rental programs are available free of charge, Montanans can save up to $150,000 annually in tool costs alone, meaning more historic properties will receive the care and attention they need. 

Yes, Preserve Montana is always interested in the donation of used tools, and they do not need to be specific to these restoration kits. For more information or to ask about specific needs, please contact our Restoration Director.

Kits will be available starting in the spring of 2021 and will have a three-week check-out period. Renewals will be optional based on the availability of each kit.