Restoration Kits

COVID-19 has changed many of the details of our day-to-day lives, including the way we preserve historic places. But even without in-person trainings, workshops, and classes, the MPA has devised a new way to bring preservation to your front door, safely and effectively. 

Preservation To-Go

To empower preservation projects across Montana, our Restoration Director is working to compile brand new window restoration kits that will be publicly available for check-out in towns across the state. Included in the kits will be all the tools necessary to completely restore historic wood windows, as well as a step-by-step pictorial guide, helpful tips, and other resources.

This will allow homeowners, property managers, and enthusiasts to save history on their own time while learning valuable new skills. As Montanans realize that restoration is a powerful and fun option for people of all skill levels, historic places will gain new supporters and have a better chance of maintaining the incredible character that has made them uniquely identifiable for decades.

We Cannot Accomplish This Without You

We are excited about this effort! The MPA is working to make restoration possible on a more personalized level, and the impact could be enormous.

But we cannot accomplish this without you. If you feel able to contribute a sander, paint scraper, or even a glazing tool, we encourage you to use the button below to help supply tools for this new MPA effort. Our list of required items includes tools of various prices and for as little as $5 you could serve countless historic buildings and help create the pillars for this long-term program.

For the time being we ask that you please add a “gift tag” to your donation. This is the only way to ensure that your donation is properly acknowledged while we are working the wrinkles out of the system!

Shop Local, Coming Soon!

Our staff is working hard to create partnerships with small, local hardware stores so that we can support the economies of Montana towns, especially during this difficult time. For now, we are asking our members to donate through Amazon or AmazonSmile (learn about the difference here), but if you would like to support a particular business in your community through this initiative please feel free to contact us.

Wood windows are often the first feature to be replaced in historic buildings, significantly altering the character and leading to unnecessary waste. With proper repairs and maintenance, wood windows can perform just as well as modern ones, while saving resources and the historic fabric of a building.

From our estimates, it will cost approximately $7,200 to create 6 fully functional window restoration kits.

Ultimately, we want our options for giving and financial support to match the creativity and passion of our projects. Tools are a fundamental part of historic preservation, but so are dedicated supporters, and we hope that this method of giving will help donors see the impact of their gift in new and meaningful ways.

Yes, the MPA is currently accepting some used items, with the exception of battery operated tools (mostly, because we don’t want to end up with 8 different brands and 8 different chargers). For a complete list of needed items or to inquire about the donation of a particular tool, please contact our Restoration Director.

To protect the privacy of their customers, Amazon does not allow our team to see any information from the people who donate tools. We know, it’s a bit frustrating, and we have been in touch with them to try to resolve this issue. In the meantime, without a gift tag that includes your mailing address and/or email we will have no way to acknowledge your incredible contribution. And your support means too much to let that happen!

Great question. The purchase and donation of these tools is classified as an “in-kind donation” to our 501(c)3 nonprofit and the cost of the item is tax-deductible. Your contribution will be labeled as such in our database and you will receive all of the normal acknowledgements and a receipt for your donation once the tool(s) have been delivered. To learn more about the logistics of in-kind donations please click here.

Another super good question, and generally speaking, the answer is yes. Some historic restoration materials are very specific. And in other cases the materials may be very specific to the needs of our staff, for example sky blue duct tape will allow us to quickly identify the tools that belong to the MPA at an event where lots of people are working together. If you have questions or would like to further inquire about the specifications of the list please contact our Restoration Director.

The button above will direct you to a list created through Amazon. At check out, the system should give you the option to mail them directly to our office. If it does not, please enter our mailing address as you see below and let us know that you have had difficultly. We want this to be as easy for our members as possible!

Mailing Address:
Montana Preservation Alliance
44 West 6th Avenue, Suite 110
Helena, MT 59601

We aren’t sure yet. It will depend on how quickly we can get the items donated and how quickly we can create a network of small town partners. Our hope is to begin deploying them by the middle or end of summer 2020, but we will keep everyone updated. Use the button below to subscribe to our email updates.