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Protecting Montana’s heritage today,
for tomorrow.

We protect Montana’s historic places, traditional landscapes, and cultural heritage.

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We act to record, document, and memorialize Montana’s cultural heritage assets.

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We discover new ways to communicate our lands’ stories to tell our collective history. 

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We ensure that Montana’s historic places, those that indicate community, are around to share with future generations.

Since 1987, Preserve Montana has been providing individuals and communities with the leadership and knowledge to preserve our past for the future.

Saving landmark buildings and cultural places enhances our quality of life and makes our communities attractive and meaningful places to live, visit, work and build a future for those who will come after us.

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How To
Get Involved

Volunteers make our impact possible. No matter your interests or how much time you have to offer, you can help preserve Montana’s history. 

And Donations

Your Preserve Montana membership enables us to work tirelessly in preserving the places we love. Learn more about membership levels and how to donate.

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You can help preserve Montana, start getting involved today.

Montana’s place-based history lends character, vitality, and a sense of significance to our communities that can’t be engineered or rebuilt.