Protecting Montana’s heritage today, for tomorrow.

Learn more about our organization and the vision that drives us. 

Our Mission

Preserve Montana saves and protects Montana’s historic places, traditional landscapes, and cultural heritage.

We provide Montanans advocacy, education, and partnerships.

The Vision That Drives Us

Through our work, we hope to. . .

Foster deep appreciation of our diverse historic places, from our Main Streets to our rural landscapes.

Build recognition that history and historical landscapes are integral parts of our daily experience.

Enable historical places to act as major economic drivers throughout the state.

Serve as a respected resource to local officials, state agencies, and government leaders in their efforts to preserve significant historic places.

Engage people of all ages and backgrounds in preserving our heritage, and together envision a future where endangered places no longer are threatened.

Group of people volunteering for Preserve Montana

Meet the people
preserving Montana

Meet the team that saves and protects Montana’s historic places, traditional landscapes, and cultural heritage.