We’re Protecting

Preserving our historic places – anything with four walls and a roof.

They could have been a place to learn, to work, to worship, to shop, to cart, or to call home. Our historic buildings say more about us as a community than we could ever imagine, and it is our job to make sure that those places are around to share with future generations.

Each year, the passage of time, shifting economies, and an extreme climate all chip away at Montana’s historic places. It cannot be overstated that once a heritage site is gone, nothing can be done to regain it.

weathered Montana building

How We Protect Them


Provide proactive leadership on policies that affect historic properties, coordinate a legislative information network, and champion protection and preservation incentives for historic places at the state, local, and national levels. 

Outreach & Education

Grow understanding of heritage properties, expand preservation capacity, and celebrate historic places. We work to engage and empower Montanans with a heart for history through workshops and conferences to newsletters and professional publications. 

Restoration & Training

Teach disappearing trade skills while working to stabilize and restore endangered buildings that would otherwise be lost. We offer a two-fold solution to maintain history at the highest degree of quality through workshops, classes, tool lending, go-to publications, and public meetings.


Provide professional documentation in the form of research, inventory, photography, condition assessments, eligibility reporting, and interpretive plans. We focus resources iconic to our history and most endangered (battlefields, barns, schoolhouses) thematically. 

Projects That
Made An Impact

Woman working on restoring a historic Montana schoolhouse

How To
Get Involved

Volunteers make our impact possible. No matter your interests or how much time you have to offer, you can help preserve Montana’s history. 

And Donations

Your Preserve Montana membership enables us to work tirelessly in preserving the places we love. Learn more about membership levels and how to donate.

pink barn and weathered silo in Montana