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The Orofino Fund

In January 1987, the founders of Preserve Montana launched a decades-long movement to save and protect historic places in all corners of Montana. As we celebrate our first 35 years, our work has spanned communities in every county – from historic schools and barns to battlefields, historic trails and ranching landscapes – to focus on the most outstanding heritage sites and work to preserve them for all time. 

Celebrating 35 Years

A Smooth Transition

This year our long time Executive Director Chere Jiusto retired and our new Executive Director Jenny Buddenborg took over the helm. The Preserve Montana Board of Directors created a new Orofino Fund to ensure a smooth transition in leadership for Preserve Montana and to lay a strong foundation for the coming years.

The Board of Directors generously donated $35,000 to launch the fund and challenges all friends to donate along with them in honor of Preserve Montana’s legacy of work and its future. Together we will continue to protect Montana’s heritage today, for tomorrow.

To contribute to the Orofino Fund, please fill out the contribution form below, or contact us directly. Thank you for your support. 

Chere Jiusto
Jenny Buddenborg

Contribute to the Orofino Fund

Thank you for considering donating to the Orofino Fund. This fund helps Preserve Montana focus funds beyond general operating costs to ensure we can be as effective as possible in preserving historic places, traditional landscapes, and cultural heritage in Montana.

Your tax-deductible contribution will provide valuable resources for our continued efforts to preserve Montana.